Custom Cannabis Branding and Product Packaging Development
Custom Cannabis Branding and Product Packaging Development


The Cannabis industry is stepping it up when it comes to branding and marketing.
Gone are the days of a simple pop top bottle with a label. You need a brand that can
stand out and represent the uniqueness of your product and idea. Everything starts
from your brand, from your product packaging, all of your social media images, to
your website theme. We can either enhance your current brand, or create one from
scratch. What are you waiting for?

  • Logo Development & Design
  • Brand Guideline Book
  • Stationary (Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card)
  • Staff / Employee ID Card

Packaging Development

Product packaging is an essential component of any successful product. Packaging
is a communication tool for your business, arguably one of the most important. Not
only can it communicate your product information, but it also communicates your
brand value. Good packaging might catch the customers attention in the store,
however, great packaging creates an entire experience for the customer. Xotic Labs
has a unique focus and appreciation for product packaging in the cannabis industry.
We understand the importance and work with you to create truly great top-shelf

Compliant with state laws & regulations
Sustainable & eco-friendly packaging options

  • Production Ready Packaging Design
  • Artwork Transfer
  • Template Creation
  • 3-D Mock-Ups

Print Design

Print design is a pretty essential part of general business operations. All of those
really quick projects you want to just knock out but don’t have the resources for, it
can be finally taken care of.

  • Flyer & Brochures
  • Posters
  • Product Catalog Booklet
  • Company Profile Booklet
  • Food Menu Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Standing Banner Design
  • Signage
  • Sticker
  • T-shirt

Product Pictures

Professional quality product pictures go a long way. Whether you’re needing new
product images regularly processed to update your website or menu, or if you just
need images for all of your products, the results are worth it.

  • Product Picture Post Processing Clean Up
  • Website Listing Images
  • Digital Product Image Renders

Social Media Images

Having a social media presence in this industry is absolutely essential. Having a
design team that can regularly produce content for your social media is also
absolutely essential. One of the hardest parts about social media is creating
consistent content. It’s easy to get motivated and make postings occasionally when
you get around to it, especially with everything else you do as a business owner.
However, it’s very hard and time consuming to create consistent content that fits
your brand. Easily keep your social media content fresh and consistent.

  • Social Media Images
  • Instagram Feed & Story
  • Facebook Post Images
  • LinkedIn Post Images

Digital Image Banner Design

Keeping your website fresh with new images and graphics is a really nice luxury to
have. So is having uniquely crafted images for your email newsletters or blog posts.
Having a design team at your disposal steps up your game in every aspect of

  • Website Banner
  • Newsletter Banner
  • Email Banner


Let your creativity shine here. We can create your childhood imaginary friend and
turn him into a character in a comic book if you really want. But because we’re
focused on Cannabis use cases, this is really useful if you’re looking to create much
more in depth graphics for product marketing material. However if you want your
imaginary friend to come to life just because you can now, we’ll make it happen.

  • Infographic
  • Custom Illustration
  • Character/Mascot Development & Design
  • Comic Panels