Do you need a website design or theme for your Cannabis Business or products?

We have made a list of the top 16 best designed cannabis websites. Our goal is to be able to provide inspiration and creativity when you’re designing your cannabis website. A well designed website can be a cornerstone of your brand and really set you apart from the market. 

The cannabis industry is a fast changing and evolving multi-billion dollar industry. The need for an easy to navigate and good looking website will increasingly become an essential part of differentiating yourself and your business.

We wanted to feature some of the best designed cannabis websites of 2022. Think about how these websites make you feel and how it could relate to your business. What are they doing well? Are there any styles that you don’t like? Do you have a favorite? 

Here’s our top 16 best designed cannabis websites

GAGE Cannabis

GAGE is itself a household name revered for its high quality cannabis flower that is unmatched by any of our competitors. In additional, GAGE’s award winning retail stores house many of the industry’s leading brands, providing customers with a best-in-class experience starting at a GAGE retail site all the way through to the premium cannabis they light.

This website is bold with big clear imagery that clearly displays their product offerings. This provides an excellent way to represent your product portfolio on your website.


Mohasky is New Zealand’s first Cannabis delivery and education service, currently in development. Mohasky provides a fast, easy and safe way to get organic cannabis products delivered to your doorstep, by licensed consultants. 

This is an interesting one. The design and concept of the website are stunning, however the navigation is a bit too creative.

You navigate the website by scrolling with your mouse, but that isn’t immediately apparent. However, once that has been figured out, it is a unique experience from there.

Custom Cannabis Branding at Xotic Labs

MA True Cannabis

Bright and fun colors have been used to represent this brand and they are doing a great job of it. They use big and bold imagery with slight animation that only enhances the experience. Sometimes too much animation will take away from the experience, but not in this case.

Custom Cannabis Packaging and Branding

Trailblazer SEO

Cannabis SEO & Web Design Done Right

The marijuana industry is growing like wildfire. Tomorrow’s household names will be built today, and with our help your brand could be one of them.

Our approach to cannabis SEO and marketing is simple: we’ll make your dispensary, supply company, product, or lifestyle brand look so mind-blowingly awesome that no one else can keep up.

A simple but effective website with fantastic imagery and layout. You’re immediately drawn in by the graphics and they make it very easy to understand what they do and how to get started. This is a great example of a service based website.


Comprised of medical professionals, researchers, farmers, patients, artists, recreational users, and just about everything in between, the Budbo community is proud to announce it’s return with an amazing suite of blockchain solutions for this amazing industry.

This is a great example of a tech base website that still has a cannabis focus. With a focus on the blockchain, they are adopting the themes and styles of the crypto industry and giving it a touch of cannabis. 

Overall, the website layout is easy to navigate and understand.

Cannavative Group

It’s simple and effective. The use of bright colors and clean product imagery makes this site visually appealing and easy to navigate. 

This is a great example of how less is more.

Revel and Rouse

Here you’ll find an enticing blend of education and culture, encompassing food & beverage, health & wellness, and travel & hospitality. Learn the basics about medical and recreational uses, stay informed with newsworthy issues and events, and get inspired by the industry leaders, many of whom are women, and their game-changing brands and products.

This website has a soft and soothing feel to it while still having vibrant imagery and branding.

Ontario Cannabis Store

OCS provides safe, responsible access to recreational cannabis for adults 19 and older. We are Ontario’s only online retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational cannabis in Ontario.

We make sure our customers only receive legal, clearly labelled cannabis products by working closely with a diverse group of licensed producers authorized by Health Canada. Our online store prioritizes education and provides many opportunities for both new and experienced consumers to learn more about cannabis and responsible use.

For a government website, this is a pretty well designed website. They use simple imagery and have easy navigation for their different product types.


This is one of the most well designed product websites that we’ve seen this year, and it’s a cannabis product! The use of product imagery mixed with bright lifestyle imagery really creates a unique experience. 

The website is easy to navigate and the colors and pictures almost make you want to keep browsing just because.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is an iconic brand in California. They have done well to establish their presence in the market with great product packaging and branding. Along with their great branding, they have a very clean and well designed website. 

It fits their brand and includes great product imagery. Most importantly, it’s easy to navigate.

OM Living

Big bold imagery is used very well in this website to create a beautiful theme and consistent brand. The consistent use of similar shades of colors creates a wonderful experience as you’re browsing the website.


This website is a great representation for such a reputable brand. Stiiizy has worked hard to curate their brand and messaging and they have done a great job transferring that to their website. 

Large high quality product graphics prominently displayed as the hero image create stunning visuals as you enter the website. From there, the site is easy to navigate and continues to use high quality imagery.

Lowell Farms

The packaging for this brand has won awards.  This website could probably win some awards as well. The simplicity of the site compliments their brand very well and immediately showcases some of the award winning product packaging they are known for. 

As you scroll down through the rest of the website, large high quality product images help you navigate and browse their selection.


Puffco does an effective job at marketing their product through the use of high quality product images that represent nothing but quality. 

This is a great example of how high quality product images can really enhance the value of your website and make for a better experience.

Royal Supply

Royal Supply is one of the leading providers of top shelf product packaging for Brands in the Cannabis industry. 

The use of high bright and unique product imagery makes it very easy for customers to navigate through the offerings. 

As you explore deeper into the website, it becomes clear that there is a consistent theme of imagery that really enhances their brand. This is a great example of a website with consistent elements throughout.

Xotic Labs

Stunning and unique images being used for the Hero are usually going to catch the users attention and be immediately interested in scrolling through to see more. 

A consistent theme has been used throughout the website which really enhances the value of the brand. 

Xotic Labs does a great job of using big bold imagery complimented by simple and easy to understand messaging.

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