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What is a project?


A Project is what we refer to as a Design Request. The type of subscription you have will determine the number of Projects you can have active at one time. 


Starter Plan: 1 Active Project

Outsourcer Plan: 1 Active Project

Growth Plan: 2 Active Projects


You can update your subscription type by visiting your Company Profile. 


View our Official Scope of Design Services here to get a better understanding of the types of requests you can make. 


Projects are managed from your Project Board. 


Your Project Board is a simple way for you to navigate between the projects and manage your design queue. 


The Project Board is broken down into 3 tabs. 


Active: These are the active design requests currently being worked on, or in queue ready to be made. 

Complete: You can access your completed projects in this tab. 

Drafts: Projects that you’re still working on creating can be saved as drafts to be worked on later. Draft projects will be kept out of your design queue, so if you want to put any project on pause, it will be moved to the Drafts tab.

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